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Our mechanics unit is an integral part of our team. Whether they’re designing parts with CAD software, fabricating materials in the machine lab, or putting everything together, they’re always hard at work learning, designing, and building to create the best robot we can.


Robotics may sound like it’s all about engineering, but we need a lot of people on the business side of things to make it happen. Whether they’re fundraising, forming partnerships with businesses, or reaching out to the community, our business unit is an essential part of our team.


We may be able to build a robot without a programming team, but it wouldn’t go anywhere. Our programming unit writes code and wires electronics so our robot can do all it’s meant to do. They also work on other side projects, such as creating a program for scouting teams at competition or an LED sign with our team’s name on it.

Our students are saying

“Participating in FIRST has allowed me to grow as a person. It has taught me how to work with a team, taught me how to stay calm under pressure, helped me learn about robotics, and most importantly, that being part of a supportive and fun community is the greatest thing ever.”

- Colin Wilson

“I love learning from the masters of the trade, the adult mentors, and the junior and senior students who have experience from previous years. This chain of learning is keeping the team alive. I'm excited to pass on knowledge to others as I learn.”

- Zaina Al Habash

"FIRST means friendship in the midst of responsibility. I've formed some of my closest friendships as a result of being on a FIRST team and I've worked the hardest I ever have on the business projects for our team.”

- Abbee Elwell