About WTMC Robotics

Building knowledge, community, and a better future

Who are The Strange Quarks?

Our team, The Strange Quarks, is a group of individuals who have come together to create something greater than ourselves. Like the subatomic particle, each quark has their own part in constructing a larger structure, and our team strives to enable each individual to seek their own interests and passions. Our mission is to inspire students and the surrounding community to pursue knowledge and progress in STEM and business fields through robotics.

“The Strange Quarks is a special team,” team member Abigail Elwell explains. “We tease each other while working on a project. We share a drive to produce our best work possible. We learn about robotics and business outside of club times because they're our passions. We bond over pizza and programming. FIRST Robotics isn't just a club —it's a team.”

Team balance

Our Robotics team is divided up into several different groups, each with their own set of tasks that need to be completed in order to progress the team. Business is the group that handles anything ranging from fundraising to recruitment to managing the budget. Programming takes care of the robots software and coding. Mechanics is responsible for the creation of a robot specifically designed to be able to score the maximum possible points in the competition.

  • Mechanical

  • Business

  • Programming

Why we compete

Being on the Robotics team is a valuable learning experience in several different subjects. In Business, students have the opportunity to learn money management and professional communication skills. Students in Mechanics gain experience in operating machinery and design. Programming students learn how to code.

The Strange Quarks may be first noticed for building robots, but more importantly, we build community. We are a team dedicated to providing a fun and welcoming environment where all kinds of students can learn and thrive. Whether working side-by-side on projects or cheering for our robot at competition, our students build relationships and make memories that will last for years after they graduate.

Robotics provides many opportunities for the future. Through hands-on learning, our students gain valuable experience in potential career fields. Furthermore, being part of a FIRST Robotics team means students can apply for millions of scholarship dollars provided through FIRST.

What else do we do?

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire students and the community to pursue knowledge and progress in STEM and business fields through robotics.

Community Outreach

Our team seeks out opportunities to give back to our community. In the past, we’ve hosted a summer camp to educate children in STEM fields and volunteered at places like Food Gatherers, Maker Faire, and the Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Future Leaders

The students of today will become the innovators of tomorrow. Through robotics, we seek to educate and inspire today’s youth so they will be well equipped to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Our students are saying

“It's fun getting to do small jobs with different machines and know that I can do that and that I was able to help build something.”

- Morgan Salzano

“I have learned how to program and wire a robot, and more importantly have had the wonderful experience of building said awesome robot with a bunch of awesome people and then see said awesome robot succeed.”

- Miranda McCarthy

"FIRST has impacted me because it has allowed me to put some of my skills into - practice. For example, I want to go into business, and currently I am taking an Excel spreadsheet class. With FIRST, I am able to use those same spreadsheet skills to make the budget for the Robotics team”

- Adrian Fazecas